17. mar, 2021

My thougths My words,Happy day to everyone

We all do good things, Remember to remind the person doing something good! that it is really AppreciatedMaking mistakes is human and talking about what went wrong is great! then everything can be repaired and redone !. Is very often you hear! Nobody cares anyway so why should I!

My saying is to respect and treat others as you want to be treated yourself, everyone has something to say and contribute. No one is less valuable than anyone else, We are often bad at appreciating what we have and comparing ourselves with others, we are no other equal so enjoy what we have

Knowing what not to do! seems to be more important than what one should or should do! perhaps the most typical approach nowadays in our world! better let others do what we ourselves should do!

In a world hard as steel and cold as the polar ice, Then you have to deal with life, But kindness, goodness, Common sense no longer exists !? Knowing your rights what you do not have to! Everyone does! when it really matters! then it will be quiet! no one dares to stand for anything!

The longing for a hug, for a world full of love, respect and care, a look into the warmest eyes makes me forget all the misery we have in the world, a deep warm kiss makes me believe that the hope of a world of tenderness is thoughtfulness, The dream can take us to reality

Life should be enjoyable and soothing, the world we should use and enjoy, not use in the wrong ways, Respect your fellow human beings in the same way you want to be respected and treated yourself, Use common sense think before you say something or do something,future will be good

My thougths and words, wish everyone a great day always remember to live your life and enjoy your days and take care out there