11. dec, 2019

To be exposed to something horrible, to fight so as not to lose life

Dark and heavy snowfall and only me on a walk yes it was almost, the beautiful snow fell from the sky that's when I was completely in the wrong place when I met my horror, a man who had appointed me as his victim who chased me and not in some way took into account what it was he hit on I could have been a flour sack or a boxing bag

You read in newspapers and watch TV news about all victims of crime, But you think it does not happen to me! but when you try to escape and when you desperately hide from blows then you feel like in a movie but this was very much for real, and the more he hit he would have more money from me!

I thought of my sweetheart and my parents and my family, life should end like this on a street stump in the dark with my runner who had no barriers, I met someone who was not completely sober or at their full presence and did not hear what the man said it was enough to feed his punches and kick me

The pain is great pain in my body, but the biggest worry is what happens if I meet this man again and what would happen if I could not gather power and move, I am a person who is always out and has things going on with cameras with events and want to convey things to the world and anyone who wants to see or read what I write

But now I think Dare I go out I will give up for the evil, many thoughts it is in my head, I will fight on I will not give up for any madness and my life is worth more than the 500 SEK the man would have of me !

When you have been through something horrible you also understand more what others have gone through and how infinitely sad and tragic for families where it has ended much more unhappy than it did for me.

Pictures maybe it was from what was going on being my last walk and the new camera maybe it was holding! But the most important thing is that I feel reasonably well maybe the psychic men will be bigger than the bruised body I have now

I think I should write about this I should give my feelings about this event that shook my body my thoughts and put a lot of grills in my head how should yes take on life now, maybe it can help others to share my experience and people to be careful and not only take for granted that life runs on a rose-shining sunrise, please take care of you and all loved ones are very fragile

Now I will take care of body and my mind, and be there for my Maria and my loved ones, and the future dreams and plans that exist, I will reach out to, Take care of you all and enjoy life, greetings from Stefan